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Suet Assembly (video)

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Squirrel Buster® Suet Assembly

Video Tutorial

If you prefer to read the instructions, please follow below.


Here are the steps to assemble the Suet feeder.


1.Plunger Assembly. Take the red plunger adjuster, insert it into the green plunger and screw it on counter clockwise.

2.Locate the indents on the red adjuster and align them with the ribs inside the plunger tower. Drop all the way down.

3.Take the spring (fluted side pointing upwards) and insert.

4.Holding the spring with one hand, insert the plunger assembly over and screw it on. (Be careful that the spring does not jump into your face.)

5.Put the cake plates on. Flat side needs to be pointing upwards. Insert on both sides.

6.Slide the pins on all the way down.

7.Lay the feeder flat down on a surface and open up the cake plate.

8.Insert the suet tray at the bottom, making sure the tabs are pointing upwards and then slide it up. 

9.Close the cake plate.

10.Repeat for the other side.

11.Lift the feeder upright. Place the shroud over it.

12.Put the hanger on.

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