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When choosing the right seed for your seed feeder our recommendation is to use Black oil sunflower seeds. Black oil sunflower seeds are a favorite of most North American wild birds and will attract a wide variety of birds to your feeder.

When it comes to seed...quality matters!

It is important to purchase high-quality seed/nuts for your birdfeeders. Less expensive seed and seed blends may contain fillers such as wheat, oats, and milo. These are inexpensive ingredients that are meant to fill out the bag. The birds will leave these less desirable ingredients untouched or simply, sweep them out of the way with their beaks to access the more appealing black oil sunflower seeds. Typically, cheaper blends only contain a smattering of black oil sunflower.

Investing in a high-quality seed will ensure that you get more “bang for your buck”. In other words, you might spend more but you will have less waste, less mess beneath your feeders and the birds will be happier and healthier!

Interest in birding has soared since the Covid pandemic started. With so many people working from home and parents home-schooling their children, birding has been discovered as an educational and stress-reducing activity. The demand for birdseed has never been higher. As a result, we are seeing seed shortages throughout the U.S. and Canada. More than ever, it is important to check the seed you are purchasing to be sure the milo/millet content is low. We recommend using different bird food is for use in specialty feeders such as the Squirrel Buster® Peanut, Squirrel Buster® Nut, Squirrel Buster® Suet and the Squirrel Buster® Finch feeders.

Take note that we also like to throw a handful of safflower, peanuts and even fresh fruit in our Seed Buster Tray feeder.



Black oil sunflower attracts a wide variety of wild birds. They have a high fat and protein content which is essential to wild birds especially in colder temperatures. This is our first choice in seed.





Peanuts are popular with many species. We recommend peanuts in the specialty feeders such as the Squirrel Buster® Peanut, Squirrel Buster® Nut and the tray feeder. Birds consume the entire shelled peanut, so there are no shells to accumulate under the feeder. Very small bits that may fall below the feeder will be eaten by ground-feeding birds or squirrels. Food is not wasted and there is no mess to clean up. Ideal for decks, condos and apartments.

Peanuts are an excellent source of calories and energy and are popular with many species.

It is important for peanuts to stay fresh and dry as they are known to harbour aflatoxins.  If bird traffic is slow at your peanut feeder you might have to discard your peanuts and replace with fresh nuts.

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