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Maximizing your space

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You can successfully birdscape your yard, whether you have a grandiose property or postage stamp of space, you just need to plan accordingly to make the most of it. You must make your yard a place where birds can feel safe. By providing some shelter. Be it a pile of brush, shrubs, or trees, they all work, be creative. Our in-house expert, Tatsiana, showed us how to create a haven for birds by using a garden planter and branches. They were fun to make, they looked great and before long they had visitors! See the video here Providing food and water sources for the birds is another key element. By planting fruit bearing shrubs, berry bushes or hanging a bird feeder you should attract hungry visitors to your yard! Bird baths are a great water source for wild birds and make a great addition to your yard. Watch Brome Bird News for many tips and tricks on how to maximize your yard space. Happy birding! Credit: Susan Roghair

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