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BBN 5-13 – Attract Hummingbirds, Raptor-Proof Your Backyard, Re-Grow Pineapples

View the full episode here: Backyard Feeding: Ask Dr. Bird: EnviroMinute: The Stories: Even though our Hummingbirds have disappeared recently, I’m determined to carry the torch and keep my feeders filled and clean for their return. One of my favourite vantage points to watch Hummers is through my kitchen window, and the only place to put a feeder outside the window is in the hedge. It’s good to keep the feeder in the shade because it helps preserve the nectar, but I must do a bit of extra work...

Love the Brome Feeders!

I have the Squirrel Buster Plus and the Standard feeders. I recently broke a piece of the Plus Feeder and was so impressed by the excellent customer service and quick shipment of the replacement part. A wonderful product and my birds appreciate these terrific feeders that also keep the squirrels out!

Best Feeder, Best Service

I've owned my feeders for 4 years now...they are amazing, birds love that the squirrels are on the ground enjoying seeds, not harassing them on the feeder. I am looking forward to the suet feeder in 2019.

Awesome Replacement Policy

Not only is the Squirrel Buster a quality and well-designed product, but the no-questions replacement policy can't be beat! I emailed Brome seeking a replacement top unit, expecting them to reply with the cost of a new piece. To my complete surprise, there was no reply until I received the top in the mail. In these modern times, finding a company that stands behind its product with such conviction is rare, and a beautiful thing. Thanks, Brome! You have earned my loyalty for life!