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Plus Assembly (video)

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Squirrel Buster® Plus Assembly

Video Tutorial

If you prefer to read the instructions, please follow below.




1.Insert shroud (bottom section) into center post.
Align the 3 ribs on the shroud hub with the 3 slots inside the center post.


2. Attach wing nut.
Use thumb pressure only- do not force. Depress clips located inside the seed ports and push up.



3.Insert skirt component



4. Insert the seed tube
Align yellow arrows on seed tube with yellow marks on base. Press down gently until the clips snap into place.
Test for proper attachment by lifting the feeder by the seed tube.



5.Attach and latch hanger cover


6. Adjusting perch length
1.25″ for small birds – 0.35 oz/10g to 1.0 oz/28g
1.50″ for medium birds – 1.0 oz/28g to 2.0 oz/56g
1.75″ for large birds – 2.0 oz/56g and more

A. Rotate wing nut counter clockwise 2 turns to unlock perches.

B. Screw or unscrew perches to desired length.

C. Rotate wing nut clockwise to lock perches in position (use thumb pressure only – do not force)