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What not to Feed Birds

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It is amazing what some people put out for their wild birds to eat. What is okay for us humans isn’t always okay for the birds. We want to let people know what not to feed them.

Bacon fat – People think that because its okay for birds to have the fat and extra calories to get them through the winter, we have to remember that bacon is loaded with salt and salt is not good for the birds. You should not give salted peanuts to your birds either.

Bread – Although birds gobble this up it is not a good idea to feed bread to the birds. Bread sits in their stomach and curbs their appetite so that they don’t eat the nourishing food that their little bodies need leaving them malnourished.

Chocolate – We all love chocolate, but it is toxic for birds. Please do not feed  your birds chocolate.

Avocado – You would think that this healthy food would be okay but actually the avocado’s fat cannot be digested by birds.

Desiccated coconut – This is not a good snack for your birds. It can swell in their stomachs. Just because its tasty in trail mix doesn’t mean its safe for birds.

Milk – Some people like to give their birds milk. Actually birds cannot digest cow’s milk. They are happy with water!



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