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How do the feeders pay for themselves in saved seed?

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How do our feeders pay for themselves in saved seed and how long will that take?

We put it to the test.

We chose 2 types of seed, black oil sunflower and a premium mixed seed blend. We priced them a 4 of our favorite places to buy seed and got an average price for both. Then we calculated the cost of each seed to fill our feeders.

For this example we will use the Squirrel Buster® Classic and calculate based on moderate bird traffic. For the Classic feeder, we estimated that it would need to be filled every 5 days.

Black oil sunflower seed cost per fill $1.34

Premium seed blend cost per fill $1.26

We have all seen how fast a squirrel can empty a bird feeder and if you keep filling it, they will keep emptying it. Our in house expert, Tatsiana, says that from her own observations a regular tube feeder can be emptied up to 4 times daily!

Our tests have shown that saving 1 fill up per week will allow our feeders to pay for themselves in saved seed in a year or less

In this example the Classic, costing $1.34 per fill with black oil sunflower seed would be a savings of $69 yearly and with the premium seed blend at $1.26 per fill the savings would be $65 yearly.




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