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How to Load the Suet (video)

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How to load the Squirrel Buster® Suet

Video Tutorial

If you prefer to read the instructions, please follow below.

Here is how to load the Suet.


1.Remove the hanger and the shroud.

2.Lay the feeder on a flat surface.

3.Locate the red arrow and open the cake plate.

4.Remove the suet tray.

5.Unsnap the suet wire.

6.The suet cake has to go above the arrows. Drop it from the plastic liner. (Do not leave the plastic on.)

7.Snap the suet wire back until you hear a clicking sound.

8.Put the suet tray back onto the feeder making sure that the two tabs are pointing upwards.

9.Slide the tray all the way up.

10.Close the cake plate.

11.Repeat for other side.

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