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Assuring high traffic at your Squirrel Buster® Finch feeder

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Feeding nyjer in the finch feeder is great all year round. It attracts finches, of course, but also chickadees, nut hatches and other wonderful songbirds. The problem is not with the feeder as such but with the seed, especially when it is very humid, as it tends to spoil. It might look good to us, but birds know that it has gone bad or that it is not as good as they fancy, and they don’t go to the feeder. Our solution is to use a product called Feeder Fresh. This product has been around for a long time as an additive to seeds to absorb humidity. It is not harmful to birds and serves as grit to the birds. We have met the inventor of this product and he is a great guy. The first step is to clean your feeder thoroughly to remove any mold or seed residue. Then we mix in the Feeder Fresh with our nyjer seed. Use a plastic container similar to a liquid laundry bottle and shake it up so as to blend in the Feeder Fresh thoroughly. But that is not quite enough.  On the feeder fresh bottle it says to put a layer at the bottom of the feeder , this is not practical on the finch feeder because it would block off the bottom port at the lowest point in the feeder. What we do is to put a 1/4 inch of Feeder Fresh after filling with our blended seed. It is sort of “icing on the cake.”  In the instructions it says that the amount of Feeder Fresh to use depends on the humidity level. Since using this method, bird traffic is back to normal and we can enjoy watching lots of happy customers on the feeder!

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