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part replacement

I have a 3-year old Brome peanut feeder. Over time, some screws loosened underneath and I lost them, so I contacted Brome to help me figure out what size screws to get. Instead, they sent a free replacement part! I wish I had asked them last November when I lost the screws. It's as good as new again! Thanks Brome! I have bought 4 mini Squirrel Busters as well, 2 for me and 2 for my mom. Brome make the best feeders!
- Cindy Skidgel

Every Woodpeckers Dream!

I'm a huge Brome fan and had to have the Peanut feeder! Oh boy, did that bring every woodpecker in the neighborhood out of the woodwork 🙂 They just love, love, love it! No mess or spill. Very good visuals of the birds and great for photo shoots. Extremely effective as far as squirrel proof. Easy to fill. The food lasts a long time so you don't have to fill so frequently as it holds a lot. Super quality and durability. What more can I say about it? It's off the charts. Get one...then you will wonder how you ever lived without 🙂
- Susan Roghair

Help for my Peanut Feeder

I love your products but my peanut feeder keeps falling apart. The bottom of it falls onto the ground and then, of course, it does not feed the birds. To add to the problem I now have lost the little bottom screw that holds it all together. Would you be able to send another screw and give me tips on what might be done to keep the bottom attached. I have watched the videos and think I am doing things correctly.

Hi Maureen, thanks so much for your review. We'll be getting in touch with you to sort this out.
- Brome Bird Care

PEANUT Squirrel Buster is A+

I have ALL of the Brome's squirrel buster feeders, but the PEANUT feeder is by far the BEST. Why? It's a clean and efficient operation; there is no mess or damage to the landscape below. The feeder works perfectly. I enjoy seeing various birds hug the feeders and work their nut! And the nuts last a long time, not requiring frequent refills. I don't give many A's out but this feeder deserves it!
- Ann Goforth


Thanks for making my Squirrel Buster Plus whole again. I just put it up and the birds are checking it out. Thanks, Scott
- Scott Hespelt

Peanut Feeder used for Blue Birds

I mix peanut nuggets and dried meal worms in this feeder. The woodpeckers and blue birds love it. The squirrels cannot get to the feed, and climb all over it.
- Mark H Williams

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