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You'll never need to throw away our feeders!

A piece breaks, you lose a part, or a squirrel damages something on your feeder? Nothing to worry about. All our products come with a Brome Lifetime Care. Just give us a call, and we’ll send you a replacement part.

Can I Adjust Weight Limit?

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Hi- I am noticing that doves are able to chow down with no problem. Can I adjust the weight limit so only songbirds can eat? Thank you!

Hi Hilary, you can definitely adjust the tension to exclude larger birds! Here's how: https://youtu.be/v2YzfH6TJQ4 If this doesn't help, please call us on 1-800-856-5685 - you might need a new spring!
- Brome Bird Care

Legacy Fun

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My wife's health keeps her home bound so I set up the legacy high outside her window so she could watch the birds while lying on her couch. Of course I watch as well. In the beginning before all the birds found out we were feeding them, we were as entertained by the squirrels being foiled. Such fun. Now most of neighborhood squirrels have given up and the birds have taken there rightful place on our feeder. It would have been a hoot to be part of the crew who invented this magic feeder as they went into the trials phase.

Love this bird feeder

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It was entertaining to see the squirrels attempt to eat from the feeder, after a few tries they gave up and moved on. The birds on the other hand LOVE the feeder. Finally, a product that actually does what it promises! Thank you!

Leagcy feeder

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This feeder has absolutely eliminated all my squirrel issues, and it didn’t take long either. Also it’s eliminated some of the larger birds from devouring my feed. It is adjusted now so only the smaller songbirds get their share. Larger birds and squirrels can now focus on other feeders in the neighborhood. These feeders aren’t cheap but they absolutely work and this design a squirrel cant chew through which happened to another brand previously owned. Ive owned it for almost a year now, so this is no one day review.

Awesome feeder, extremely well designed!

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These feeders are fantastic, I highly recommend them! Outstanding quality at a good price. Service representatives are very knowledgeable and helpful if you have questions.

legacy feeder

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I now own the mini and the legacy. I started out with the mini and then bought the legacy...Since putting the legacy up I have more birds then ever in my yard! The squirrels do not try to get food from them at all anymore they just eat under them! I like them both also because they are surrounded by a metal cage. I just need to put a shelter over the top to protect from the rain...can't wait and see what the suet feeder is like!


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