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Great feeder

I've had this feeder up since mid-winter and love it (or should I say the birds love it.) I see finches and wrens every day -- many cardinals and even gold finches. This has been a source of great pleasure during our COVID-19 lockdown in Pennsylvania. I made the mistake of hanging it with a string, and the squirrels chewed through it, so now I'm using a steel cable!
- Steve L.

Not a good deterrent for large birds

I purchased the Legacy feeder after having the Plus feeder for over a year and being very happy. The feeder indicates that it is weight adjustable, but I have the feeder set on the lightest level possible and grackles are still able to easily eat from this feeder (the outer metal piece only shifts down a tiny bit). I am NOT impressed with this feeder and am definitely having buyer's remorse for spending $60 on a feeder that does NOT eliminate large birds from emptying the food. I am sure it is great for squirrel problems, but not grackles and starlings.
- Linette

Hi Linette, Thanks for your reviews on our website and Amazon! We are sorry you are not having much success with deterring Grackles and Starlings – they are very smart birds. You can try filling your feeder with safflower seeds – they don’t like this type of seed, and you can also remove the perches completely – smaller birds won’t have any issues perching on the shroud instead of perches.
- Brome Bird Care

Great until

I love this feeder. Squirrels hate it and are always frustrated. I love how easy it is to reload and the birds seem to like it as well. One issue I ran into was a very large squirrel was swinging on it and caused the metal on the main rod to break off. Not sure if it was already a weak spot but nonetheless it fell to the ground and bent the triangle hangar. Are there parts available?
- Ben Booker

Not good in the rain

We've got 3 squirrel busters and have noticed that when it rains hard, the water passes through the metal gauze onto the perspex tube inside and runs down into the feeding hopper making the food inedible. We think that it should have a perspex outer tube so that water can't get in like this. Apart from that we love them.
- Sally Barrett

Hi Sally, thanks for your review! We are not quite sure why you are experiencing this water ingress. Would you be able to send us a video or some pictures?
- Brome Bird Care

Remember the Deer

I got the Legacy Feeder as a gift. Great feeder with awesome features. I hung mine with 18" clear as suggested but at about 48" above the ground. It was getting cleaned out overnight. Every night. Our subdivision has a lot of common ground and woods which harbors a significant deer population, and I noted deer poop nearby the drop zone of the feeder. The feeder needs to be hung at least 6' off of the ground with at least the 18" clear suggested. When I did that, problem was solved.
- Jim Riddle


I received my Legacy feeder 2 weeks ago and I have to say it has been very entertaining.I recently moved to the Missouri hills and have more squirrels here than I imagined along more cardinals than I can count. It is hilarious watching the squirrels try to figure out how to beat this feeder but so far they can't do it. The cardinals don't seem to use it prefering to eat off the ground below but the other birds love it and throw plenty on the ground for the cardinals and squirrels. I was hesitant to pay this much for a feeder but am glad that I did.
- James Sizelove
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