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A piece breaks, you lose a part, or a squirrel damages something on your feeder? Nothing to worry about. All our products come with a Brome Lifetime Care. Just give us a call, and we’ll send you a replacement part.

Legacy Model

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Beautiful as well as a highly functional birdfeeder. I especially like the mesh on the outside which allows quite a few birds to hang onto the feeder while they wait for an open perch.... Or...they feed upside down. Super easy to fill and clean, this is really a great feature along with the adjustment of the spring. I am feeding only shelled sunflower in this feeder, and its important the seed remains dry. We just had a 2 inch rain day, and the seed is completely dry (of course the exposed bottom port its damp) but the reservoir is completely dry. I've also had cardinals use the feeder easily. Customer service is outstanding, its really cool to get someone on the phone instead of an answering machine or voicemail wasting your time. I am contemplating buying another Legacy, I also have the SquirrelBuster Plus, equally as impressive.

Legacy and Classic models

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The weight adjustment for the Legacy still allows hateful starlings to get to the seed. The sensitivity needs to be increased. BIG PROBLEM I'm having with both, but more so with the Legacy, is that the expensive hulled chipped sunflower seed gets SOAKED after a rain and the birds can't feed until the saturated seed is removed. Seems crazy to me that Brome hasn't designed a weather guard for this model or the Classic.

Hi Ginny, thank you for your review! Unfortunately, Starlings are not that heavy. If you shut them off, you'll deter other birds from feeding. What you can try is removing perches and/or filling your feeders with safflower seeds. We recommend using black oil sunflower seeds in our feeders because hulled sunflowers absord moisture too fast and become moldy. Please do call us on 1-800-856-5685 if you have any questions.
- Brome Bird Care

Squirrel has it figured out!

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I have a squirrel that is smarter than your honor student. It can avoid putting its weight on the feeder while scooping food out with its paw.

Hi Alisa, thanks for your review! Please make sure you provide the recommended 18-inch clearance on all sides when hanging your Squirrel Buster. This way your squirrel will have no choice but apply its weight onto the shroud. If you have any questions, please call us on 1-800-856-5685.
- Brome Bird Care

Can I Adjust Weight Limit?

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Hi- I am noticing that doves are able to chow down with no problem. Can I adjust the weight limit so only songbirds can eat? Thank you!

Hi Hilary, you can definitely adjust the tension to exclude larger birds! Here's how: https://youtu.be/v2YzfH6TJQ4 If this doesn't help, please call us on 1-800-856-5685 - you might need a new spring!
- Brome Bird Care

Legacy Fun

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My wife's health keeps her home bound so I set up the legacy high outside her window so she could watch the birds while lying on her couch. Of course I watch as well. In the beginning before all the birds found out we were feeding them, we were as entertained by the squirrels being foiled. Such fun. Now most of neighborhood squirrels have given up and the birds have taken there rightful place on our feeder. It would have been a hoot to be part of the crew who invented this magic feeder as they went into the trials phase.

Love this bird feeder

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It was entertaining to see the squirrels attempt to eat from the feeder, after a few tries they gave up and moved on. The birds on the other hand LOVE the feeder. Finally, a product that actually does what it promises! Thank you!


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