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Very Disappointed

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The Legacy feeder was given to me as a Christmas gift. I wanted it primarily to discourage blackbirds while also encouraging cardinals. First, I tried it at the factory setting, which is calibrated to hold a 2.5 oz. weight. The brochure indicates that the average weight of a blackbird (grackle) is 4 oz. The cardinal came to it and flapped around on the perch. Although he managed to take seed, it was awkward for him and he never returned. Since the grackles returned from migration, they have been hoarding the feeder (for several weeks now.) Upon checking the weight of wild birds on birding sites, I learned that the average weight of a grackle is 2.6 oz., not the 4 oz. listed on your brochure. I then turned the green dial counter-clockwise to adjust the spring mechanism to hold a much lighter weight. The grackles are still enjoying a feast (the outer tube on the feeder doesn't close.) I would have been better off saving the $71 and just using my baffle against the squirrels with a much less expensive feeder; this has always worked for me in the past. Unfortunately, I did not save the box or receipt at Christmas.

Hi Janette, We’re sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with your Squirrel Buster Legacy feeder. Unfortunately, Common Grackles are unwelcomed visitors to bird feeders in the Springtime. A quick search on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology website indicates that the average weight of a Common Grackle is between 2.6 oz and 5.0 oz. Our Squirrel Buster feeders are squirrel proof but please note that we do not advertise them as being Grackle proof. Please contact Customer Care at 1-800-856-5685 for troubleshooting, we will help determine if your feeder is in optimal working condition or not; if you are experiencing a spring related issue we will happily send you a replacement part for free. We can also provide additional tips on controlling nuisance birds in your backyard. Thank-you!
- Brome Bird Care


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The best feeder I have ever seen . I have 2 of them now.

Don't hesitate to contact us if anything is needed for your Legacy feeders along the way!
- Brome Bird Care


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After many dollars and trials of bird feeders that claim to be squirrel proof, this is the only one that works! We are so happy to be able to provide food for birds without the feeder being destroyed or over-run with squirrels and larger birds that frighten the smaller ones away. We're so glad we found out about your feeders. Thank you!

Hi Lynne! We're happy to hear that the Legacy feeder was a good solution for your bird feeding needs!
- Brome Bird Care

Best Squirrel Busters Anyware

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We have been using this feeder for years and couldn't be happier. Squirrels give up after a day or two. Can not find a better feeder of this size.

Thanks Johnathan! We hope your Legacy feeder provides many years of bird feeding enjoyment!
- Brome Bird Care


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