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Not good in the rain

We've got 3 squirrel busters and have noticed that when it rains hard, the water passes through the metal gauze onto the perspex tube inside and runs down into the feeding hopper making the food inedible. We think that it should have a perspex outer tube so that water can't get in like this. Apart from that we love them.
- Sally Barrett

Remember the Deer

I got the Legacy Feeder as a gift. Great feeder with awesome features. I hung mine with 18" clear as suggested but at about 48" above the ground. It was getting cleaned out overnight. Every night. Our subdivision has a lot of common ground and woods which harbors a significant deer population, and I noted deer poop nearby the drop zone of the feeder. The feeder needs to be hung at least 6' off of the ground with at least the 18" clear suggested. When I did that, problem was solved.
- Jim Riddle


I received my Legacy feeder 2 weeks ago and I have to say it has been very entertaining.I recently moved to the Missouri hills and have more squirrels here than I imagined along more cardinals than I can count. It is hilarious watching the squirrels try to figure out how to beat this feeder but so far they can't do it. The cardinals don't seem to use it prefering to eat off the ground below but the other birds love it and throw plenty on the ground for the cardinals and squirrels. I was hesitant to pay this much for a feeder but am glad that I did.
- James Sizelove

It rusted

I only just bought this feeder about three months ago and the bottom of the inner seed holder has badly rusted. I expected this to last a little longer without any rusting. I can’t bring it inside every time it rains, that is unrealistic.
- DONNA Britton

Bend the perches down!

At first the cardinals would only fly by and not land and we had only smaller birds. Eventually the cardinals stopped coming. I went back to the old Yankee Flipper but the squirrels have figured that one out! Then I realized that the perch wires on the Squirrel Buster are bent up too much preventing taller birds from eating. I bent the perches down about a half inch or so at the ends and now the cardinals are back! It's a great feeder, really stops the squirrels, and we are using way less seed. Highly recommended.
- Jim Bailey

Problem with weight mechanism

Hi, I have made several weight adjustments to prevent the feeder from closing. I noticed when small birds sit on a perch the next bird is facing a closed feeder. I have very little weight right now and even removed the little snow we received, what else can I do? Carol
- Carol Cesca