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SquirrelBuster® Standard
To beat the squirrels for the required 18" on my shepherds hook clamped to the deck.......I took a vinyl glove, spread vaseline on it and sprinkled cayenne pepper on top and then greased the vertical portion of the iron pole. It was hilarious to see the first squirrel jump on the vertical portion and then slide all the way down. Once he licked his paws, he must have told his buddies, because they don't go near the pole. Excellent product. I adjust the weight just right so the starlings can't have any of the good stuff either. I also found a product with no waste (no shells) which works for everyone including the squirrels who pick up the remains not the ground below. Awesome product! I think I need to get another feeder!
- Susan


SquirrelBuster® Standard
Amazing service. Amazing product. After a couple years I had trouble with the two standards I had. They cheerfully replaced them quickly. With service like that they have a lifetime customer.
- Greene Gerry


SquirrelBuster® Standard
I love this feeder, but it is not without problems. The closing mechanism freezes and does not function if there has been rain followed by freezing temperatures. The squirrels like this feature, but not me. I have to bring it inside and let it thaw and dry out before it will work again.
- Ken

fantastic product and customer service

SquirrelBuster® Standard
I've had many feeders over the years, but when I stumbled on the SquirrelBuster I knew I had the best. Contrary to some of the reviews, this feeder is absolutely squirrel proof. And, the ability to regulate the weight gives you control over the birds you want to attract. Pros: Without a doubt squirrel proof Easy to fill Easy to clean (I use a bottle brush) Weight adjustable closing mechanism Solid construction Hasn't rusted and has been outside for over a year in Cape Cod's humid, salty air Fantastic customer service (Maureen is the best!) Cons: Sometimes the feed gets stuck in the tube. I use the Wild Delight Zero-Waste Fruit Blend, which contains raisins and peanuts. They occasionally get stuck at the bottom of the tube requiring me to use a poker to dislodge them. A minor nuisance and not a show stopper. Sunflower seeds and other traditional mixes are not a problem at all. Wish List: Wish they made a racoon proof feeder
- David

Best products and service ever!!

SquirrelBuster® Standard
I've had, and loved, my mini Squirrel Buster for years. A friend recently found me a used standard Squirrel Buster, but it was missing the hanger rod. Brome Bird Care sent me the hanger, absolutely free, by Express mail no less!! In addition, the seed holders on both Squirrel Busters were discolored by exposure to the elements, and Brome included two brand new seed holders as well!! I've truly never seen a company that stands by their products this way, and provides this level of Customer Service. These are the best squirrel-proof feeders I've ever found. I use safflower seed/finch seed blend in them, and they are visited by Painted Buntings, House Finches, Indigo Buntings, sparrows and more! NO squirrels! Thank you, Brome Bird Care!!!
- Katy Mullon

squirrel buster classic

SquirrelBuster® Standard
When I took this apart to clean it, I was surprised to find that inside the cap, the squirrels had eaten into the plastic tube and had eaten into the vertical plastic mechanism. In addition the green metal cap is rusting, as are the perches. As to how the squirrels got into it, I can only surmise that either they figured out how to undo the cap or if it fell to the ground, the cap was loosened. This has been stored intact under my second story deck with the cap on, so I dont think it took place in the summer. As far as I know, only squirrels are the problem. It is still usable, but I am going to thread a narrow wire from the cap to the metal grids to make sure they cant get it off. I wonder if anyone else has ever experienced this?
- sally wasielewski

Hi Sally, Thanks for your review! Can you please give us a call on 1-800-856-5685? Our Customer Care will happily help you solve this problem.
- Brome Bird Care