Lifetime Care is our support commitment to you, our customer.

If you need advice or help just give us a call or drop us an email, real people answer the phone during business hours.

Should you ever need a replacement part covered under our warranty, we will happily provide it for free and the shipping is on us. No one else in the industry does that for you!

Thanks for your awesome customer service

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Thanks for your awesome customer service. I called on 8/26/2019 for a replacement seed tube for my SS200. It arrived on 8/31/2019. I used your "helpful videos" link to see how to remove my damaged tube and replace my new one. A big shout out of thanks to your engineers who designed it...what a breeze it was to install my new tube. I keep both of my Brome feeders filled with sunflower chips. Our finches love to eat at the feeders, no wasted food and hours of enjoyment as I watch them flock to my feeders. What an awesome product you sell, along with lifetime care. D Dill

replacement top

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I very much appreciate you sending me a replacement top section for my Squirrel Solution 200. I assumed that my feeder was useless after a raccoon had chewed through the metal hanger, so I was surprised and delighted to learn when I called that you would replace the top free of charge. Many, many thanks!!!

Squirrel Solution 200

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First of all, hands down, best feeder I've ever had as far as frustrating the squirrels. Which, right there, gives you two shows for the price of one. These people are the poster children for "Standing behind their product". After years out in the hot, humid Florida climate, my feeder was showing some signs of wear. I emailed the company, hoping to buy some replacement parts. They would have none of that and provided me with way more than I ever expected FREE OF CHARGE. All they wanted in return were pictures of the damage to enable them to improve their product. More companies could benefit Brome's business model of giving people more than they expect. It's how you keep customers for life, and they just got another one.

Amazing customer service

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Wonderful company to work with. Free replacement part for a 5 year old feeder even after I offered to pay. A note in the package states "disposable products are no longer an option", they stand by their products. What a sensational concept!


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The squirrels in our yard must be descendants of Attila the Hun as they managed on several occasions to chew through parts of our squirrel buster bird feeders. That said, I would never buy any other brand as Brome sent replacement parts. And did it with no hassle and wonderful, friendly customer service.

Not very happy

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Did a lot of research to find a squirrel proof bird feeder. Money was not an option. We thought we nailed it, until we started noticing g rust on the top of the feeder, and around the holes on the top, which eventually broke open. Then, the perches started to rust, eventually, falling off. The birds come, but not as many. They just stand on the bottom shelf and eat. It was cleaned and used very carefully, and needless to say, I am sad!!!! I love the seed funnel, and it makes it so easy to fill. Kindly advise. We live in Florida, and the birds love to eat, and we love to watch!! Sincerely,

Hi Susan, thanks for your review! Florida is tough on bird feeders... But no worries! All our products come with Lifetime Care. Please give us a call on 1-800-856-5685, and we'll send you all the necessary replacement parts.
- Brome Bird Care


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