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Are birds love it, our squirrels and not happy . . . but our story is that a local bear has twice taken it down . . . but it has not been damaged at all!! Well built in all aspects! Easy to fill, etc. We will be taking it in at night in the future though, the second robbery took us an hour to locate our Squirrel Buster in the woods!
- Bill Klein

Love these feeders

I now have a Mini, 2 Standards, a Legacy, and a Plus. I will use nothing else . With these feeders, you won't have to worry about the squirrels hanging around them for long. I was on my porch have a drink one day when I saw Ol' Nub; a squirrel I aptly named because he has no tail; getting on one of the feeders. It was interesting to watch. After a few minutes, he knew he was going to be unsuccessful so he left. Sorry Ol' Boy......
- Michael Rollins

replacement part #1055-18

We have two Squirrel Buster minis. They've been up for about 3 years. Now both plastic barrels have yellowed and cracked beyond use. Otherwise, all is well! Please advise the aforementioned replacement parts' cost! We really love these feeders and want to refurbish them. Thanks!!
- Alexis

Hi Alexis, please give us a call on 1-800-856-5685 - we'll send you new tubes.
- Brome Bird Care

broken part

My smallest standard feeder has a problem. The screws in the tray into plastic sleeve have come loose and sleeve holes have broken. To mend I would need two screws and anew sleeve.. Many thanks for two brilliant feeders
- Sydney Phillips

Hi Sydney, thanks for your review! Can you please call us on 1-800-856-5685?
- Brome Bird Care


The birds love it but looking for a seed tray for underneath as a rat is coming to visit for floor scraps!!
- Michelle Weidema

Hi Michelle, thank you for the review! Please consider installing our Seed Buster under the feeder.
- Brome Bird Care

Squirrel buster feeder

I live in the UK. When I purchased one of these feeders I became aware ,after some time,the coating on the metal seed tray was wearing off , following rainfall this then oxidized making the seeds black, not good for the birds ! Fine on dry days, not suitable for winter..shame. Until this problem is resolved (maybe plastic seed trays ) I cannot recommend this product. Your contact is by phone only, no good for me living in England !!
- Mrs Elizabeth Bates

Hello Mrs. Bates! Thank you for leaving your review! We are always working on improving our products. Would you kindly send us photos of the blackened seeds and the seed tray? Our UK distributor takes care of our UK customers this is why we do not have a phone number you can dial from the UK. Could you please contact them on 0800 072 0130? They will send you a new seed tray. All the best, Brome
- Brome Bird Care
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