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The birds love it but looking for a seed tray for underneath as a rat is coming to visit for floor scraps!!

Hi Michelle, thank you for the review! Please consider installing our Seed Buster under the feeder.
- Brome Bird Care

Squirrel buster feeder

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I live in the UK. When I purchased one of these feeders I became aware ,after some time,the coating on the metal seed tray was wearing off , following rainfall this then oxidized making the seeds black, not good for the birds ! Fine on dry days, not suitable for winter..shame. Until this problem is resolved (maybe plastic seed trays ) I cannot recommend this product. Your contact is by phone only, no good for me living in England !!

Hello Mrs. Bates! Thank you for leaving your review! We are always working on improving our products. Would you kindly send us photos of the blackened seeds and the seed tray? Our UK distributor takes care of our UK customers this is why we do not have a phone number you can dial from the UK. Could you please contact them on 0800 072 0130? They will send you a new seed tray. All the best, Brome
- Brome Bird Care

Seeds Clogging and Spilling out

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I love this bird feeder with the exception that I can't seem to find the right seeds to fill it. The nuts/seed feed either clogs up the hole with its nuts or when I buy just the seeds the seeds spill out the bottom because vent holes are too big. I placed a mesh inside the seed catch but seeds are still spilling out all over the ground. Trying to find a solution. Do ya'll sell a tray to place underneath the Mini Squirrel Buster Feeder?

Hi Kalaya, thanks for your review! Please filll your feeder with sunflower seeds or sunflower hearts. Some spillage is normal because birds are picky eaters. They toss the seed they don't like.
- Brome Bird Care


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I won't give this less than 5 stars. It's an amazing product I won't buy anything else. I do have a couple of baby chipmunk or squirrels, don't know the difference all I know is that they hang sideways on he mesh and eat all the seed. I would not buy the mini again, would like to upgrade to one that wouldn't have this problem thank you


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Hello I filled up my Squirrel buster which I bought because it advertised stopping pigeons. This morning when I came down I found they had shaken all the seed out of the feeder. Disapointed that it does not live up to the claims to stop pigeons.

Hi Gary, thanks for your review! Please give us a call on 1-800-856-5685! It sounds like you have deer or raccoons...
- Brome Bird Care

Love the Mini

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We have had 2 Minis for 3 years now, and they are great! The squirrels have given up. One of them has yellowed, though and won't clean with soap and water. That's the only disappointment. Highly recommend these feeders.

Hi Chris, thanks for your review! Did you know it's Lifetime Care on all our products? Please call us on 1-800-856-5685 -we'll send you a new tube for free!
- Brome Bird Care


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