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Love this feeder had it for years. Wondering if I can replace the plastic cylinder Raccoons managed to dump it to the ground where it broke?

Top of feeder is junk

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Bought my buster plus 3 years ago, at first all was well until winter. During it's first winter the squirrels chewed thru the metal top. I sealed the top with caulking but with no luck they tore that off and chewed hole in lid bigger. To make long story short the whole after 3 years is large enough that they pull seed from top until it is out of reach. The rest of seed gets soaked with water. Needs serious roof reinforcing to make this product worth it's price.

squirrel buster

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The squirrel buster is not squirrel proof.. If they get onto the feeder it closes however if the feeder is close to a pole the squirrel will figure out that if it doesnt put the weight on the feeder it wont close.. I can leave my feeder on the plant/bird feeder pole for a day and when I get home the seeds are all gone. I know its not the birds eatting all the seeds. It is the squirrels...


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I bought this feeder to replace one that was constantly dropping birdseed onto the ground, and was always being raided by the squirrels in my neighborhood. after about a week of trying, the squirrels absolutely gave up on trying to get into the feeder. Not necessarily a "designer" feeder as far as aesthetics go, but it isn't unattractive either, and it holds a TON of birdseed (I use black oil sunflower seed). Definitely would buy again.

The squirrels meet their match

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The first morning after I had set up my new Squirrel Buster Plus feeder, I looked.out the window to see a squirrel jump from a nearby post onto my feeder. Underneath the feeder was another squirrel. When the first squirrel jumped onto the feeder and tried to grab hold of the cylinder part, he slid right off and onto his buddy underneath! The squirrel seamed undeterred and went back up the post for try # 2. Once again, his buddy was underneath. This time when the squirrel leaped, he managed to grab the feeder in a way that he did not slide off and cautiously slid his way down to the part with the holes in it. He stretched out on his side and tried to eat from one of the holes, but because he was lying on the perch, ithe holes were closed. He then tried sliding more around the base going for the next hole, but again, no luck. He kept trying to slide to the next hole, and ended up falling off the feeder onto his buddy! Since then, I have seen no more attempts but instead the squirrels are content to eat seeds that have fallen to the ground. I am a very satisfied and entertained customer!

After A Year It's Still Squirrel Proof

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This bird feeder is big and not very beautiful but when it comes to frustrating the most determined,cunning and agile squirrels it really does work. I have spent many a happy hour watching as our bushy tailed friends try to chew through the toughened lid or to unscrew it(impossible), or swing from the branch by their tail while trying to eat from the holes, or climb down the seed tube to grab a nibble or two and simply slide down until the mechanism closes and they are rewarded by a blank steel plate. In the end they have learned that it really is useless to try and have given up. My small garden birds flock around the feeder, taking it in turns, while the squirrels and pidgeons wait on the ground for the odd dropped seed. Just as it should be, brilliant!


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