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Squirrel Buster FinchBird Feeder

We live on the south west corner of Vancouver Island, BC and live in a rural setting along the coast. We have 4 types of finches that call our area home. The house finch, a green coloured finch, american goldfinch and a cousin the pine siskin who fly's over from the State of Washington for a couple of months in the summer time each year. Our feeder was purchased at Lee Valley over 9 years ago and was starting to need some attention. I decided to order a new feeder tube as it was faded pretty bad from the UV exposure and see about replacing one of the perch stands as it was bent pretty bad from a large bird trying to land on the feeder last yr. Jody the customer service represented said that they would replace the 2 parts for free and send them out right away in the mail free shipping included. Well about 10 days later I received a parcel from BBC which was too big to be just a feeder tube and one bird perch. I opened the parcel to be totally surprised by a brand new Squirrel Buster Finch Feeder!!! Thank you Jody, and thank you Brome for over the top customer service. Hard to find a company these days that truly stands behind their products. A great product and a great CANADIAN company. K. Petsche Sooke, B.C
- Keith Petsche

LOVE our Squirrel Buster Feeders

We have 3 of your feeders, the PLUS, the Mini and the Finch models. We've had our PLUS for years, and you have sent us parts to keep it in tip-top shape. It is not often that I buy products which super-EXCEED my expectations, but your products definitely do just that. We have given a couple away as gifts. Once a year we take them completely apart and clean them throughly. They cleans so easily and completely, our birds think we upgrade them every year. Thanks for designing, marketing and SUPPORTING your fabulous products.
- William Robin Roush


it is good.but The sparrow dominates it and other birds cannot approach it.
- Wai man Leung

Hello, thanks for your review! Try hanging metal washers off your feeder. House Sparrows don't like those shiny things.
- Brome Bird Care


The birds won't touch it! I'm so sad.
- Emily Allred

Hi Emily! Thanks so much for writing a review! There are a few things to consider when using our Finch feeder: 1. Make sure that the openings on the metal shroud align with seed ports 2. Make sure that the cover is secured properly. Here's a quick video: 3. Make sure that the Nyjer seed you are using is not old and dry. 4. Give your birds time to discover and get used to a new bird feeder. Please do call us on 1-800-856-5685 if you have any questions!
- Brome Bird Care

thank you your service

I have three plus and one Finch feeder. I very like you warranty service. thank you.
- wai man leung

perch stands

Can I order more perch stands for my squirrel buster. I lost a few of them.
- Yvonne McQuaid

For sure! Please call us on 1-800-856-5685!
- Brome Bird Care

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