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SquirrelBuster Classic

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This is the best squirrel-proof feeder I've owned. A simple idea but very effective. The squirrels have admitted defeat! Not only that but I've had excellent customer support from this company. I need to wrap the cable around a metal bracket to shorten its length. Over time, this has caused the wire to fray at the edges. I was happy to buy a new one but Brome are going to provide me with a new cable and cover free of charge. Top marks!

squirrel Buster Classic review

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Great feeder I have 2 of them and get endless hours of watching the birds feed and the Squirrels try. The larger predator birds have a hard time getting seeds. I use Sun Flower chips in mine that I get in 50 lb Bags from Ojibway Nature Centre in Windsor. I have had them for many years and Brome Bird care has replaced parts twice.

Squirrel buster is getting chewed up.

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I received a classic squirrel buster as a gift. The squirrels are going crazy trying to get at the seed. The top part is made of plastic...not metal, so they are chewing it away. Also, the hairy woodpecker keeps locking the wire grid feeding port in the down position, and when he flies away, it doesn’t go back up for the smaller birds. We have to manually open the ports for the little birds. I have photos of the chewed up feeder.

Squirrel Buster Classic

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Love my feeder but noticed the seed was coming out. After close inspection I discovered the inner tube assembly had been compromised. Please email me regarding a replacement part. Thank you.

Good product and great customer service!

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I am very happy with the Classic Squirrel Buster. It has definitely been effective in keeping the squirrels from eating all the birdseed. They can be a bit rough on it and one fell down and a piece broke off. Brome replaced the part for free (I would have paid for it). They are also easy to clean as it easily comes apart. I even purchased a second one so I could have another bird feeder nearby. I highly recommend the feeder and the company.

Squirrel Goes in Top

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We have some pictures of the squirrels sliding over the top and crawling in and having a go at all the seed.