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Liked SO Much we Purchased 2 More!!

We live in hot humid Florida, and this feeder is the best moisture resistant and better ventilated than anything else we could find. After a week we liked it so much we went back to Lowes and purchased 2 more (1 as a spare). It also holds more feed than 90% of the feeders we could find ... Highly recommended!
- J.M. Humid Florida Pandhandle

Squirrel problem with my MEGA600

Squirrels can empty my 600 feeder within 3 hours. I have an older one, and it looks almost identical except the feeding ports are partly blocked and squirrels do not even try to get food inside. the MEGA 600 feeding ports are open almost straight through making it easy for squirrels to reach in and pull contents out until empty. Can you help< I don't dare use it at this time. thanks

Thank you for your review Robert! Please keep in mind that this model is not squirrel proof. We can, however, send you different seed ports for it. Please call us at 1-800-856-5685.
- Brome Bird Care

Awesome feeder!

Within two days my feeder has been full of tons of birdies. So happy with this product. And no squirrels hanging off of it!
- Jennifer Mongeluzo

Birds of All Sizes Love This Feeder

This feeder is fantastic. It took a couple of days for the birds to find it, but now all six perches are full virtually all the time. The cardinals particularly love it. The finches and wrens were the first visitors. This feeder is highly recommended.
- Angie Batey


The birds flock to this feeder. It is emptied within 5 hours of me filling it. Is there a seed tray that attaches to it while it hangs? It is not on a pole. The birds tend to rake out much of the seed.
- Samuel W Nuss


Purchased the Mega600 only to find out the larger birds, Bluejays/ Cardinals will not use it. The perches are to short even when pulled out. The perch wires are to thin. I would not reccomend this feeder
- Jeff

Hi Jeff, thank you for your review! Please don't give up just yet. Birds will get used to this size of perches. They perch on all sorts of things in nature.
- Brome Bird Care