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Yet Another Fantastic Feeder!

I've had Brome's Squirrel Buster Plus feeder for over 6 years. It's one of my favorites and has held up amazingly well. So when I saw this budget friendly Brome feeder at my local Lowe's, I immediately bought it! Quality? Check! Attractive? I think so! Bonus Points: Lifetime warranty! Air flow! Cardinal friendly! Filled it with a 2:1 ratio of sunflower and safflower that evening. Next morning woke up to a feeding frenzy. ALL the perches were taken with even more songbirds fluttering around trying to take a turn. My birds had absolutely no problem taking to the ports. In fact, feeder was such a hit I purchased another! Would also consider this feeder as a gift for my fellow birders! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS FEEDER AND BRAND!!!
- Melissa Patton

Works as advertized

Great feeder, yes it took a few weeks for birds to get used to it but I've got many different types of birds "visiting" our Mega600. Thinking of getting another for a few yards away.

Need your response posted to website

Several reviewers stated that birds won’t use the Mega600 Feeder or that they can’t get to the seeds. Instead of posting a solution for all of us to see ... you posted this. “Hi William, please call us on 1-800-856-5685! We have a solution for you!” I was ready to put 4 of these on my Christmas wish list but am not sure after reading your response ... YOU ARE LOOSING FUTURE CUSTOMERS BY NOT POSTING YOUR SOLUTION on your websire so we can have confidence to buy this. REPLY: Thanks for your review! I’m sorry you didn’t find our response helpful. We didn’t want to complicate things for our customers online. We prefer talking to them in person. The Mega600 is a fabulous feeder but some people notice that birds stay away from it. When we talk to those who call us, we try to learn if they are using a good type of bird seed, not just corn and millet, and if the feeder is located next to cover. If you hang your feeder away from any natural cover, birds will not venture to it – too risky. If all of the above are followed, we offer to send another set of seed ports with larger openings. We ship 6 new ports that people can interchange with the ones they have on their original Mega.
- Kay Wolking Bratton

Birds will not use it

I have 14 feeders I bought 2 of the Mega 600 feeders from Lowes and thought it would be as popular as my squirrel buster plus feeders only to find the birds can't get to the seeds. they just won't use them.
- William Cisson

Hi William, please call us on 1-800-856-5685! We have a solution for you!
- Brome Bird Care

Mega 600

I bought this bird feeder mainly because the bottom would come off for cleaning. The problem is that I can't get the bottom to come off even when I use pliers to twist and pull. Even with someone else holding and the other just trying to twist and turn, it will not budge. I decided to keep it anyway since it seems well made and looks nice but the birds don't seem to care for it. Our old feeder was constantly in use but I have not seen one bird feeding from this one since we put it up almost a week ago.
- Walter Morton

Hi Walter, thanks for your review! Please give us a call on 1-800-856-5685. We have a solution for you!
- Brome Bird Care

Mega 600

I have 10 of these feeders. Not only are these the best feeders for the money, I think they are best for any money. I use them on pole systems with a squirrel baffle and have never had a squirrel on them. They are easy to clean. The air circulates through them so the seed does not become damp and they are durable. I wish you made a thistle feeder with the same design.
- Stephen D. Ihrig
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