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SquirrelSolution 150

This is my newest addition to three peanut feeders and two squirrel Plus seed feeders. Excellent Quality as always! The birds, mainly gold finches, took to it immediately. Thanks for the great product line-up. The Squirrel's don't like you but I do! I also would like to mention your support team is A #one. Best in the Business!
- Paul.Barlow

Love it! Definitely squirrel proof!

I was constantly filling my old bird feeders since the squirrels would empty them out daily. I found the Brome Squirrel Solutions 150 feeder at Walmart, and set it up in my yard. Wow, the squirrels tried and tried, and finally gave up!!! The birds now have a chance, and I went back and purchased 2 more Brome feeders in April 2019. I also hang them from tree limbs and from a wood post with long hanging brackets, making sure they’re at least 18 inches away from anything. The money I’m saving in bird food has now paid for my feeders! I still enjoy the squirrels as they feed from the ground beneath the feeders from dropped seeds and corn I buy for them. The feeders are very easy to fill and clean, and I will enjoy watching the birds forever! Thank you Brome!!!
- Rebecca Lowder

No regrets, fantastic product.

I got this because the squirrels in my yard were getting a little too rough with my cheapo feeder. I don't mind feeding them too, but not when they spill the whole feeder getting some. This has been fantastic, I have yet to see any squirrel tampering. I do see squirrels still, but they just hang out under it now and eat what the generous (of fussy) birds toss to them. I thought it might take a little while for the birds to recognize the new feeder but within minutes they were using it. I can sit and watch this for hours, it's almost a constant stream of birds coming to feed off my SS150 and suet. I use Black Oil Sunflower seed and it works wonderfully with the unit. I live in Western MA and have seen Chickadee, Rose-Breasted Grosbeak, Tufted Titmouse, American Golfinch, Purple or House Finch (or maybe both, they look similar), Buntings, Hairy Woodpecker, Downy Woodpecker, Northern Cardinal and some type of Nuthatch on a daily basis frequently using the feeders. I have also seen Blue Jays from time to time, but because of their size they only seem comfortable using it when they are the only ones on it, but I have seen them using it. My father also says he has seen doves enjoying the seed that falls to the ground. A full hopper lasts me about 2-4 days. I would buy this again in a heartbeat.
- Brett A Suriner

Squirrel solution150

I love it. It's the last feeder I bought. I bought. 5 other squirrel proof feeders and all of them the squirrels can't get to. They don't even try. I threw all my previous feeders away cause they were cheaper but costing me more money in food. The squirrels still come but only on my porch. Eating the seeds that are dropping from the feeders.
- Diane Chu hing

Slide inside

Thanks for the interior replacement! You're the best.
- Cliff Campo

Squirrel Solution 150

I purchased the Brome Squirrel Solution 150 recently and I have had good results with deterring squirrels. My only negative- the feeder hangs off my balcony above my driveway, so unfortunately, I have a daily mess of seed that has been flung below that I have to sweep up. If there is a seed catcher tray available, the hangs from the feeder, I would definitely order it!
- L.Rowe