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The need for clearance

Remember it’s the squirrel’s weight that triggers the closing mechanism. If a squirrel can reach over from a nearby foothold and avoid placing weight on the feeder, he will have access to the seed ports. Allow for at least 18 inches or 47 cm of clearance around the feeder. This will force the squirrel to climb onto the feeder, thus triggering the closing mechanism.

Locating your feeder

You can locate this bird feeder anywhere and be squirrel free. Position it to get great close-up views of your favorite birds. Hang your feeder over a window, in a tree, on a deck, a fence, in your garden, on the side of your house, from a rain trough or over sliding doors. Use brackets, extension hooks and tree hooks to hang your feeder at the recommended clearance. Hooks and brackets are available at birding stores, garden centers and hardware supply stores. Your feeder prevents squirrels from eating expensive seed, scaring the birds and damaging your feeder. Enjoy being free of squirrel problems, but please remember, squirrels also need to eat. For the price of a few peanuts, or inexpensive cracked corn, squirrels will be happy to entertain.

Rain Guard for Florida Rainy Weather

I used to have this Feeder hanging under an oak tree in my backyard. I had the tree branches trimmed as they where growing over the roof line of the house. After the tree was trimmed, I relocated the feeder to a pole feeder which was not protected by the canopy of the oak tree (out in the open). I have since noticed that every time we get driving rain, the seed in the feeder is getting wet and spoiling. I have since added a makeshift rain guard to cover the gap between the feeder roof and the filler neck of the seed tube. I used some aluminized insulation sheet to form a rain guard just below the roof and fastening it in place with some metal tape. This issue could be resolved by extending the roof line or extending the tube height to minimize the gap between the two. Rainguard that I installed does not affect the squireel buster function. Thank you.
- Michael D Haddock

Brome Customer Service is the BEST

Brome has the best customer service of any company I have ever dealt with! They have sent me replacement parts for at least two of my three bird feeders, one of which is a Squirrel Solution 150. The replacement parts were not needed because of defects in the feeders, but rather because of damage caused by racoons and bears. The feeders are definitely squirrel-proof. I just need to find a place to hang them where the racoons and bears can't get to them.
- Deborah W Lagos

Wastes too much seed

When the feeder swings, the seed comes out of the shallow dish on the bottom. Unlike the regular port hole type.
- Stephen Koebcke

Stephen, Some spillage is normal, especially if using small seeds like millet and milo. It's best to use black oil sunflower seeds for best results. Thank you for your review!
- Brome Bird Care

Extra info

Really enjoyed the detailed booklet describing birds and our birds loved the feeder
- Jc


lost half a tube of seed the first day.
- Stephen Koebcke

Hello, Thank you for your review! Please don’t forget to follow our recommendation of an 18-inch clearance on all sides when hanging your feeder. You can find more information in the brochure that came with your feeder or you can always give us a call at 1-800-856-5685.
- Brome Bird Care

Love the Squirrel Solution 150!

Finally found a solution to keep squirrels away from my feeder, even the smaller red squirrels! There is finally harmony at the feeder, the birds have access and the squirrels eat the fallen remnants UNDER the feeder. Very easy to take apart to clean, and fill with the included funnel. Definitely will be purchasing more Brome feeders for the busy winter bird feeding season!
- Dana