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Birds love it!

Exceptional quality, easy to clean and fill, and best of all, the birds love feeding at it. NO SQUIRRELS makes the feeder a join to bird watch! Thank you Brome.
- Dan Robinson

An ideal solution

I am the proud owner of 3 Seed Busters ( and several others of your feeders ). This product has helped keep the ground below my 2 pole mounted Squirrel Buster Plus feeders amazingly clean while minimizing wasted seed. Our ground feeding species have been happily eating what has been caught in the trays, leaving only empty shells. Bluejays and RedBellied woodpeckers have really enjoyed their shelled and in-the-shell peanuts from the 3rd pole-top mounted Seed Buster. These trays are super easy to remove and clean. We are very happy with your products!
- Dave Berteaux


Does not fit your pole, I bought this expensive set up, why would you make this to small for your pole???? I've had to order another pole to fit this ( from another company) craziness
- cynthia e pedersen


I own 2 buster plus feeders. When one of them developed a cracked seed tube after 5 years in the Florida sun, Brome provided a new tube at no cost to me. My birds are now happy to have both feeders available to them. These are great feeders.
- Russell Bell


great feeder ,high quality,very satisfied.
- al bonney

Home owner

Squirrel busters plus well worth the money.
- Philip