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from my phone call to the delivery the service was outstanding, thanks much
- steve

weather guard

The weather guard works great as far as protecting the Birds and seeds but there is a problem, using it will make your feeder no long Squirrel proof they can drop down on it and hook their little claws in between where it slides down on the feeder tube and hang there and eat the seed right out of the holes. They need to redesign this product to prevent this from happening. I'm in the process of trying to figure out how to stop them from being able to hang there, wish me luck. This is why I only gave it 3 stars.
- David McLean

David, thanks for your review! Could you please give us a call at 1-800-856-5685? We can send you risers to place the Weather Guards a bit higher.
- Brome Bird Care

Foiled by one clever squirrel

The weather guard worked as described all winter. Once installed, after a few moments of confusion the birds had no problem navigating under it to get to the seeds. And the squirrels, never quitters, kept jumping down and, fortunately, sliding off to fall to the ground . That is until one day late in winter some ice had accumulated on the guard and one clever squirrel was able to dig in the claws of his rear feet into the ice, hand upside and eat merrily from the feeder! Even after the ice melted, it managed to get one claw between the guard and feeder wall and still reach down to the feeder ports. Well, the guard is off for the spring at least.
- Rob

Works for me

Keeps the food dry and the birds keep coming. Wish there was one for the smaller standard feeder. I can't use it when the weather goes "wet".
- Barry Hiatt


Only small birds will use the feeder. I removed it and now the larger birds such as cardinals will feed. I am throwing away the weather guard. The light reflection on it keeps most birds away,
- Elizabeth Clark

Hello Elizabeth, thank you for your review! Could you please call us on 1-800-856-5685? Perhaps you need to raise the Guard a bit higher.
- Brome Bird Care

Wonderful product, great service!

Best bird feeder EVER! Engineering is amazing; works exactly as advertised. My Squirrel Buster Plus is now three years old, with constant use year around (in Florida). I've asked for replacement parts twice now, and both parts were sent promptly along with instructions for installation. This company is top-drawer. Couldn't be more pleased! Highly recommended!
- Martha M Tousley