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Lifetime Care is our support commitment to you, our customer.

If you need advice or help just give us a call or drop us an email, real people answer the phone during business hours. Should you ever need a replacement part covered under our warranty, we will happily provide it for free and the shipping is on us. No one else in the industry does that for you!

Best Guarantee Ever

SquirrelBuster® Classic
My Classic works exactly as advertised, but after several years of constant use, the shroud assembly was starting to lose its ability to spring back, and I was having to push it back into position after every squirrel attack. I emailed Brome to ask if there was a way to adjust or lubricate the mechanism and they sent me a whole new assembly, by express, at no charge, along with a link to a straightforward video showing me how to effect the repair. That's customer service!
- Paddy Laidley

squirrel Buster Classic

SquirrelBuster® Classic
The Squirrels started working on it immediately. Somehow they get under the metal lid and start chewing away all the plastic parts under there. Within a year the squirrels have busted my squirrel buster
- ed boskamp

Hi Ed, thanks so much for your review! Please make sure you latch the cover properly to prevent squirrels from getting under the cover and chewing on plastic. Did you know that replacement parts are available for free? Please give us a call on 1-800-856-5685.
- Brome Bird Care

Outstanding bird feeder!

SquirrelBuster® Classic
My wife and I have been feeding birds for many years and we’re always frustrated by those pesky squirrels. Don’t get us wrong, squirrels need to eat too but they don’t need to chew/destroy the feeders in the process. After the squirrels trashed several feeders we came across the Squirrel Buster. We’ve owned it for about 1 year now and it’s still providing hours of enjoyment watching the birds. The squirrels have attempted to destroy the feeder but no such luck!! In fact it’s somewhat amusing to watch the squirrels attempt to “bust” the feeder but they soon learn they’re wasting their time. We highly recommend this’s worth it!
- John Gozdzialski

Not perfect but pretty Good

SquirrelBuster® Classic
I love watching the birds and derive hours of pleasure from our feeder. We have the classic and, while it's not perfect, it's stood up to raccoons, squirrels, wild turkeys and possums amazingly well. What makes it worth every penny is the parts support from the manufacturer.
- Dave B

Lifetime Care

SquirrelBuster® Classic
I own 3 squirrel buster feeders. Two have been effective at keeping the squirrels out. Enter “Squggy” the peskiest of rodents! He ate through the top, nose dived into the seed, and devoured the inner post. I read about the lifetime care. I’ve seen those promises printed from others only to be disappointed in the results. I left my name and number and received a phone call this morning. New replacement parts are on their way!!!! IT’’S TRUE!!! They stand beside their products. Customer service IS really a priority!!! I’m overwhelmed and will tell everyone I know. Thank you Brome!!!!
- Terri Hilson

deer eating seed

SquirrelBuster® Classic
I purchased squirrel buster plus a year ago and once the deer discovered it they licked it clean, whenever seed was in it! I cut a wire coat hanger and put pieces of wire sticking out around the access ports and it deterred them when their snouts got close. Eventually the raccoons damaged it and it was tossed. I replaced with the squirrel buster classic in November and the deer found it again. I am trying cut off zip ties around the ports and will see if this works! I love the feeder and enjoy watching the squirrels on the ground and not in the feeder! Thank you
- Denise Krajewski