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At least once during the Hummingbird Season I like to talk about nectar: how to make it and how to maintain it. So on Backyard Feeding this episode I do exactly that, and remind you not to use anything but regular white sugar in your nectar. Brown sugar, molasses or any raw sugars are harmful for Hummingbirds. I also introduce a product that I think is really useful – Nectar Defender – it extends the life of your nectar by preventing it from spoiling and fermenting as quickly in warm weather.

Dr. Bird is on two segments this episode – answering a question about bird-safe paints for birdbaths and he also talks about how many birds are actually in the world – there are A LOT!

Some interesting stories about disappearing racing pigeons and Yellow ‘Crazy’ Ants being eradicated from Johnston Atoll.

Winner’s Circle was a tough one this week, but the pictures were fantastic! Next Photo Contest is ‘The Tyrant Flycatcher Family’ which includes: Flycatchers, Kingbirds, Phoebes, Pewees, a Northern Beardless-Tyrannulet and a Great Kiskadee.