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Even though our Hummingbirds have disappeared recently, I’m determined to carry the torch and keep my feeders filled and clean for their return. One of my favourite vantage points to watch Hummers is through my kitchen window, and the only place to put a feeder outside the window is in the hedge. It’s good to keep the feeder in the shade because it helps preserve the nectar, but I must do a bit of extra work to let the Hummers know it’s there. Since I don’t have any planted flowers blooming now, I’ve moved some brightly colored potted flowers over and have also included a small solar-powered fountain to create some moving water which Hummers also enjoy.
Dr. Bird has some great tips on how to deter raptors from wiping out all your feeder birds and he is also back on Brome Bird Book with some thoughts on how all the Cicadas this year will affect insect-eating birds. Susan Roghair has contributed a great video for EnviroMinute this week on how to regrow a pineapple from the leaves on the top.
Even if you haven’t seen a Hummingbird in a while, keep your feeders clean and ready – they’ll be back!
Have a great week everyone.