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Well even though I’m seeing hints of spring, winter is still very much here for awhile. I have to regularly clear the snow off my feeders and Ludwing Chang sent me a picture of one of his feeders with so much snow on it the seeds ports got blocked off. So keep an eye out – our area is famous for its March snow storms and with all the snow we’ve had this year, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a few.

As you might have already heard, the West Coast has been having some major issues with Salmonella outbreaks. Dr. David Bird is doing both Backyard Feeding and Brome Bird Book talking about Salmonellosis, what it is and how it can be prevented.

David is back on Ask Dr. Bird answering a question about what can be done when raptors attack feeder birds. As a raptor specialist, he has a unique point of view and some great input.

If you’re living in an area like we are where most non-essential businesses are closed, you, like me, may be missing the spa! Well tune in to EnviroMinute because I’m continuing my series on reducing food wastage and this week is all about what you can do with old coffee grounds. If you can’t make it to the spa, make the spa at home!

More and more communities are recognizing the importance of having chimneys for Swifts to nest in, and Kent, Ohio is building a dedicated chimney just for that! New Zealand is running its most expensive conservation attempt ever and as adorable as the Rose-ringed parakeet is, it’s also invasive and can be harmful to native species.

Enjoy and have a great week!