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Well a few nights of heavy frost and my garden is finished! We picked what we could and left the rest for the local wildlife to fatten up on for the winter. Just a reminder, migration is in full swing and if you have the chance to turn off any exterior lighting, it can really help birds from becoming disoriented while flying at night.

Dr. Bird has a fascinating answer to a question about a Carolina Wren ‘napping’ in the sun. Apparently birds can ‘switch off’ half their brains and nap with one eye open. Can you imagine what your workday would be like if you could do that?!

On Brome Bird Book, Dr. Bird talks about the 3 main theories on how birds stay on course while migrating and we have some great stories about Australia working to create safe habitats for birds in the case of more wildfires and USFW making the right decision when it comes to protecting species at risk.

It’s only been a couple of weeks, but I’m really missing my hummers – this Winner’s Circle has some of the most amazing hummingbird pictures I’ve ever seen. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.

Our fall colours are peaking here and because of the early frost they’re incredible this year. If you have nice colours in your area I hope you’ll get the chance to enjoy them.

Happy Fall Migration!