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Well…it’s that time of year to harvest, harvest, harvest! Not only are we harvesting all the yummy things we planted this summer, but I’ve also decided to harvest some local berries for our birds. I’ll freeze them and then put them out later this winter when things are at their grimmest and greyest.

At the same time, I’m checking my milkweed to see if the seeds are ready to be collected because I want to try planting some next spring – we’ve had a terrible season for milkweed this summer with only about a quarter of our regular number of plants showing up. I’m not sure why…

Dr. Bird answers a question about how birds feel about wind chimes and spinning lawn ornaments. He makes a few very good points! This episode, I learned that House Sparrows can learn to be brave by watching other sparrows, painting one blade on a wind turbine can drastically reduce bird deaths, and the Red-headed Woodpecker is now considered endangered in Canada but the Ministry of the Environment is working fast to keep them safe.

Have a great week everyone and let me know how your gardens did this summer. We’ve had bumper crops of things like peas and beans and haven’t had any luck with peppers and forever-green tomatoes.

Take care!