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It’s that time of year again when we often come across baby birds on the ground. David talks about what we should do about it and how to identify a bird in trouble and one that’s just learning how to fly. He also gives us info on what to do if you spot a strange bird in your backyard. Some great stories this week – The White-throated Sparrow has officially changed its tune in Canada. Thanks to Citizen Science initiatives like Project FeederWatch, researchers were able to track the changes to the song for the past several years. India is still in a strict lockdown and it’s been really tough on urban birds. A zoologist has taken it upon herself to make homemade feeders and help some starving birds out. Some States are talking about drafting their own legislation to help protect migratory birds as the MBTA is even further dismantled.

As always, breathtaking photos on Winner’s Circle. This was a tough one…a lot of birds that seem like shorebirds really aren’t!