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It’s such a difficult time of year for everything, winter jacket in the morning, t-shirt in the afternoon, a cup of cocoa by the fire in the evening while watching the snow – that being said, spring is very much on its way up here. We are working in the backyard, trying to find ways to keep the kids entertained. For the first time, we’re starting a vegetable garden at home. Growing up in the Soviet Union, a garden was a must. Each family was given a plot of land and had to use it to grow vegetables because there just weren’t any in the store. So after years of swearing I wouldn’t start a garden, my husband has finally convinced me that we should. It’s a great way to keep our eldest entertained, and with the way things are these days, it wouldn’t hurt to have some fresh veggies on hand – and that’s the EnviroMinute for this week. If you have any lawn that’s not being used, consider starting a small vegetable patch. It’s a great way to stay active, and it’s amazing how it can reduce your carbon footprint. I’ll let you know how ours goes.

Backyard Feeding this week is all about Suet. Believe it or not, the quality of Suet you use makes a big difference to the birds. One of our customers did a side-by-side test with commercially mass produced suet and suet from a smaller company that uses better ingredients and the difference is amazing to see.

Dr. Bird investigates a picture of an Owlet sleeping face down. A viewer submitted the photo thinking it must be photoshopped and Dr. Bird’s answer is quite surprising.

Brome Bird Book has the winners of the first round of the Brome Bird ID challenge and shows the pictures for Round 2.

I hope you are all enjoying some spring-time birds!

See you soon!