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I hope everyone is keeping busy and not getting too bored. We can’t seem to find enough hours in the day, between work and homeschooling, and getting the backyard ready for spring. But this weekend I found enough time to try out a project I’ve wanted to start for awhile. I often get messages from people letting me know they’ve put up a birdfeeder but don’t have any birds visiting, even after a couple of weeks. So one of the things I ask is if there is any sort of perch or shelter close to the feeders. So on Backyard Feeding this episode I wanted to show you an easy way to use garden pots and some branches to make perches. When the weather gets warmer, I’ll replace the branches with live plants, but this works well for now.

Dr. Bird answers a question from Maureen, our head of customer care, about rust on birdfeeders and if it is actually bad for birds, and on Brome Bird Book, I have a new challenge. We have some incredible contributors on the show, and Steve Swearingen has been sending me amazing bird pictures for years now so I thought this would be a great time to show them off.

So we are going to try the Brome Bird ID challenge. Each week I’ll be posting some pictures of birds, and you have to ID them. Send me the names of the birds and 3 people with the correct answers will be randomly chosen and sent a Brome feeder!

Whoever thought doves and pigeons could be so pretty – third place is a tie on Winner’s Circle this week and the pictures are lovely!

Have a great week everyone. Don’t get too bored!

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