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Brrrr….Winter is back with a vengeance. It’s been really cold this week and I’ve been filling my feeders daily to keep the birds happy. So to continue my talks about what and what not to feed birds, this episode is all about mealworms and how dried mealworms can be used in various Squirrel Buster bird feeders. Dr. Bird also answers a question about mealworms, so the two sections are together on this episode.

Dr. Bird talks about how bird bodies are shrinking. Over the past 70 years museums have been collecting bird bodies, usually from window collisions and what they’ve discovered is that birds are getting smaller, but their wings are getting longer. No one is quite sure why, but climate change might be a big part of it.

If you’re wondering how to help Australia’s animals but don’t feel like giving money, there is a big need for knitted nests and pouches for baby birds and other animals. I share one story from the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue that has been sending tons of crafted goods to Australia.

Fantastic images on Winner’s Circle – with Valentine’s day coming up, we’ll go with a love theme and a bird that everyone loves, the Cardinal.

Have a wonderful week everyone!