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Last episode I talked about certain human foods that are very bad for birds, so this episode I thought I’d share some of the human foods that you CAN give birds. I thought it would be a great activity to make some of them into Christmas treats that we can hang outside. If you have children or grandchildren this is a great way to pass some quality time with them.

Dr. Bird talks about the impact that extreme weather can have on birds in an answer to John Petrus’ question about severe weather. This week’s EnviroMinute challenge is to try and find some shade-grown coffee. Coffee plantations usually clear-cut huge swathes of forest, destroying habitat to plant more coffee, but shade-grown preserves habitat and is quickly becoming a lot more popular, not only because it helps the birds, but it has a richer taste! Here’s a link where you can find shade-grown coffee:

Let me know what sort of Christmas bird treats you end up making. Send me pictures!

Have fun!!!