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Hello Everyone! I hope you are all getting ready for an amazing Thanksgiving coming up this weekend. We’ve already had ours up here in Canada, so we’re slowly getting ready for Christmas. On Backyard Feeding this episode I talk about what you REALLY shouldn’t feed birds. I’m amazed at what some people have fed their birds and in some cases, you can really hurt or kill birds because their digestive systems are very different than ours! Over the next few episodes I’ll be exploring different things that you should and should not feed birds.

Dr. Bird answers a question from Doug McFadgen about two female Downy Woodpeckers that have cracked beaks, but are still visiting his feeders. Some great stories in the headlines this week including the perfect gift for that bird lover in your home. A special edition of John James Audubon’s Birds of America is going up for auction soon. The last version went for 9.6 Million and this one which includes over 400 life-sized etchings of birds is expected to fetch even more. So dig deep!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!