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Spring is here! I’m thrilled with the amount of wildlife, particularly birds, I see in my backyard. Every year I find more and more species enjoying my unkempt gardens and backyard. Backyard Feeding this episode is about exactly that. We had so many brushpiles around the property that my parents were having the hardest time not cleaning them up. But you have to remember, if birds aren’t using them to nest, then other creatures are which will then feed the birds. So if you can, leave a couple of brush piles lying around to give garden creatures a place to grow.

Dr. Bird answers an important question about Salmonella and Pine Siskins and how it is really important to keep an eye out for sick birds at feeders. Some fun stories this week about knitted bird nests, Providence RI joining the Urban Bird Treaty Program and Croatia Post introducing some singing stamps to educate people about their incredible natural heritage.

Another amazing round up of photography on Winner’s Circle, but on a side note, from now on we ask you not to digitally modify your pictures other than colour/contrast adjustments and cropping. We ask that you avoid submitting photos that have been heavily photoshopped because it simply isn’t fair for people that don’t have experience modifying photographs. If you have any questions, please get in touch with me.

Have a wonderful week everyone!