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What an amazing summer so far! We’ve had fantastic weather (maybe a bit on the hot side, but I love it!). When we started shooting Backyard Feeding for this episode, I saw Goldfinches collecting thistle for their nests and it reminded me that it’s nesting season for them. If you have dogs, dog fur makes a great nesting material as well as natural un-dyed wool. You can leave these materials on branches and bushes and help the Goldfinches make a cosier nest!

EnviroMinute this episode is a reminder not to use pesticides on your lawn or garden. Birds eat up to 550,000,000 tons of insects every year. Since we’ve started feeding birds here, we’ve stopped having to use bug spray as often because the birds are taking care of all the bugs. By attracting birds to your backyard it’s really a win-win situation for everyone – except the bugs.

David answers a question on how birds deal with heat waves and there are some great stories this episode. Rhode Island is suing Big Oil for damages caused by climate change, a researcher in Poland got a nasty cell phone bill from one of their trackers, and if you aren’t seeing a lot of Ravens around it’s because their cousins the Crows are real jerks.

Enjoy your week!