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Backyard Feeding


Ask Dr. Bird


Summer is in full swing here, but I haven’t seen any hummers in a few weeks. We’ve been hearing this from a few people. Don’t worry, they’ll be back! Keep your feeders clean and full of nectar. Remember to avoid coloured nectar and if you want to make it yourself, 1 part sugar to 4 parts water. Avoid using anything except refined white sugar because raw sugar has too much iron and can harm the birds. Envirominute this week deals with mulch in gardens. Most cedar mulch is coloured using natural dyes, but there are still a few that use artificial colouring that can harm you and the plants you are trying to protect. It’s not always easy to find out, but if you stick with well known brands you should be safe.

Dr. Bird talks about the recent sighting of hundreds of thousands of Warblers in Tadousac Quebec, Canada. He gives his thoughts on what caused such an amazing display of birds, which was like a river of warblers crossing the sky.

The headlines this week – A Black-necked Stork saved by social media, Malta is trapping Finches even though the EU Top Court has banned it and humans aren’t the only ones who have trouble getting their kids to leave home.