Good Morning Everyone!

This week I stopped by our local garden center and found some amazing deals on local plants. I decided to rescue a few from being thrown out and thats what this week’s Backyard Feeding and Envirominute talk about. Dr. Bird answers a question from a Montrealer who is concerned American Golfinches might be in decline. In the headlines this week, The Phillipines Government is making an effort to track Avian Flu through asia, new housing developments in Canberra, Australia are no cat zones. New homeowners are told to keep their cats inside at all times to help preserve the local wildlife. I think it’s a great initiative. New studies are being launched to learn about the impact of air pollution on birds, and Owls are being trapped and sold as pets throughout asia because of the influence of the Harry Potter films. J.K Rowling has spoken out against it, but that hasn’t slowed down sales.

Have a fantastic week everyone!


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