It’s hard to believe it’s almost end of June. We decided it was time to enjoy summer to the fullest, so we are reporting from my backyard instead of the studio. 

I know that some areas have been really hot and dry, so I’m sharing a trick to retain moisture in your gardens. I hate wasting water, don’t you?

Dr. Bird has been asked a question about Red-bellied Woodpeckers. We don’t have Red-bellies here but it’s interesting to see what Steve Swearingen has been observing in his backyard and what David has to say about their behavior. 

The stories we bring to you are about wind farms, French Polynesia and the Robird. It’s never a dull moment in the Bird World!

Well, I’m in Indianapolis this week. I’ve got my binoculars, and I’m ready to see which birds I’ll spot there!

As always, wishing you all a superb week!

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