This week on Backyard Feeding I’m trying something new to keep ants away from my hummer feeders: chalk and fishing line. I learned that once an ant dies in the nectar, it releases an acid that spoils the nectar so your Hummingbird won’t touch it. David answers a question about feeding Red-shouldered Hawks and how he feels about feeding raptors in general. If you are in the market for a new computer, think about laptops instead of desktops. They consume a lot less energy and have become very reliable. In the headlines this week, an unfortunate man in Harbour Breton Newfoundland is being terrorized by a couple of Ravens. They’ve been attacking his house and have damaged 10 windows forcing Jonathan Poulain to miss work and stay at home trying to prevent more damage. At a zoo in Amsterdam, two male Griffon Vultures who’ve been sharing a nest for years, had the chance to start a family. They were given an abandoned Griffon Vulture Egg and took turns incubating it, then feeding the newly hatched chick. Same-sex pairings aren’t that strange in the bird world, but this is the first time a same-sex couple has hatched an egg together. Finally, a peacock in California walked into a liquor store. When the employee tried to shoo it out, the Peacock got upset and tried to take off, smashing over $500 of French Champagne!

We have two winners this month. Check out the top 5 in both Staff and Public picks. Have a great week everyone!



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