Backyard Feeding – The Club-Winged Manakin Beats Hummingbirds for the Most Wingbeats per Second

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Around the World – Racing Pigeon Caught Practicing on the A2 in Amsterdam

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Birds In Government – Oregon Audubon Society Wants to take the Fish and Wildlife Service to Court

Mark Your Calendar – Tanana Valley Sandhill Crane Festival

Learn how to control Grackles on Backyard Feeding, Dr. Bird answers a question about Robins visiting bird feeders. In the spirit of the Olympics I share a few stories about a speeding pigeon and the incredible Club-Winged Manakin. The Oregon Audubon Society is angry about the Fish and Wildlife Service’s decision to kill Double-crested Cormorants and Mark Your Calendar takes us to Alaska for the Tanana Valley Sandhill Crane Festival.