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I’ve been meaning to mention this for awhile: Merlin has now added a song ID feature to help identify birds when you aren’t able to see them. I’ve been playing around with it and it’s really quite amazing and simple to use. So if you are a Merlin Bird ID user, you can add the sound pack and if you want to try it out head over to the app store and download Merlin Bird ID.

Dr. Bird is back with two segments on this episode – he answers a question about whether or not Steel Cut Oats are good for birds and also has a report on Brome Bird Book about how Corvids are smart enough to understand the concept of Zero.

I’ve been trying to keep track of how much laundry I do which is harder than it seems. With two boys who spend a lot of time outside it seems like the washer and dryer are always running. I love summer though because it gives me the chance to dry our laundry outside and give the dryer a break. This week’s EnviroMinute challenge is to try and cut down on your dryer use to save some energy – and there is really something lovely about clothing that’s been dried by the sun!

Remember, please ID your photos for Winner’s Circle and get in touch with me if you’d like to participate in judging.

Have a great week!