• Squirrel proof

  • Holds 3/4 quarts of shelled peanuts or wild bird food nuggets

  • Weight adjustable to help control unwanted birds

  • Chew proof

  • Woodpecker friendly

  • 2 year hassle free warranty


Openings in the middle section of the metal mesh shroud align with the wire mesh holding the peanuts, providing birds access to the food. When a squirrel climbs onto the feeder, its weight automatically forces the shroud down, closing access to the ports. Squirrels and some large birds are foiled but not harmed in any way.


The patented adjustable spring mechanism controls how much weight the metal mesh shroud will support, allowing the birds to feed. Any additional weight will activate the closing mechanism. The spring mechanism is calibrated at the factory to hold 2.5 oz. / 70g. It will close fully at 5.3 oz. / 150 g., shutting out the smaller Red Squirrels, as well as the larger Gray Squirrels. Note: Spring tension may vary depending on outside temperatures. Use the feeder at the factory setting – red nut on grey line – before making any adjustments.
To Decrease Adjustment Setting (-) Rotate the red dial on the bottom of the feeder counter clockwise. The red nut inside the feeder will move up from the previous setting reducing spring tension. This decreases the weight required to close access to the food.
To Increase Adjustment Setting (+) Rotate the red dial on the bottom of the feeder clockwise. The red nut inside the feeder will move down from the previous setting increasing the spring tension. This increases the weight required to close access to the food.



Freedom to locate your feeder

Now that you no longer have to worry about squirrels, you are now free to locate your feeder just about anywhere. Position your feeder over your favorite window, by your deck or in a nearby tree, for those great close-up views. Use wall brackets, branch and extension hooks to help you hang your feeder.


Detachable Component System™

Read instructions below or visit our Instructional Videos page. Squirrel Buster Peanut+ has been designed to dismantle easily for filling and cleaning.

Dismantling your feeder for cleaning

How to assemble your feeder


Squirrel Buster Peanut +™ is designed to be easily dismantled for cleaning. Always examine your feeder before filling to determine if it requires cleaning. Frequency of cleaning varies according to climate. In general, hot and humid climates require more frequent cleaning than colder climates.

Washing by Hand

After removing the wire shroud, discard any accumulation of wild bird food and unscrew the stand assembly from the feeder tube. Wash the wire shroud and feeder tube in a solution of dish detergent and warm water. Rinse with a 20% solution of white vinegar and water. Vinegar, a mild, natural disinfectant, will not harm your feeder or the birds. Wipe the stand assembly with a damp cloth, if necessary. Make sure all components are completely dry before assembling.

Washing the Feeder Tube in the Dishwasher

Place the feeder tube on the top rack of the dishwasher. Fill both the pre-wash and the main-wash sections of the detergent dispenser with your regular dishwasher detergent. Select either high temperature drying or an air-dry option. Use your regular washing cycle. Upon completion, your feeder tube will be sanitized and look like new. Warning: Bird droppings contain contaminants. Avoid skin contact.


The need for clearance

Remember it’s the squirrel’s weight that triggers the closing mechanism. If a squirrel can reach over from a nearby foothold and avoid placing weight on the feeder, he will have access to the seed ports. Allow for at least 18 inches or 47 cm of clearance around the feeder. This will force the squirrel to climb onto the feeder, thus triggering the closing mechanism.

Negative Grip Tube™

The negative grip tube prevents squirrels from grabbing the wire hanger with their hind legs, hanging alongside the feeder and defeating the closing mechanism.

Feeder Ventilation System™

Damp and decaying food decreases bird traffic and can become contaminated and spread disease. Most transparent bird feeder food tubes trap solar energy just like a greenhouse. The air in the Squirrel Buster Peanut +™ feeder rises and escapes through patented water-proof vents at the top of the feeder. The escaping, heated air is replaced by fresh air entering through the food ports as well as from the bottom of the feeder. Food remains fresh, attracting more birds.


Woodpecker Friendly Tail Prop

The Squirrel Buster Peanut +™ feeder is designed with a large tail prop allowing woodpeckers to feed comfortably, using their tails for support and balance – just like they do on trees. Woodpeckers have zygodactyl feet, each consisting of four toes, the first and fourth facing back and the second and third facing front. This toe arrangement is good for grasping the limbs and trunks of trees, but to balance easily the tail and feet need to work together for support. Thus, they need a large surface against which to prop their tails.


Squirrel Buster Peanut+TM Hassle Free Warranty

Squirrel Buster Peanut+ is guaranteed to be free of material or manufacturing defects and against squirrel damage for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase. Brome Bird Care’s sole responsibility will be to repair or replace a defective or damaged product. The warranty applies only when the product is used according to manufacturer’s instructions. The warranty does not apply to damage from attempted or unauthorized repairs, cosmetic scratches from squirrels or other animals, damage from accidents, dropped or fallen feeders, improper handling, shipping, misuse, abuse, neglect or damage from chipmunks, raccoons, bears or other animals. No other warranties expressed or implied are made. Brome Bird Care shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages. Proof of purchase and the prepaid return of a defective part or product may be required by Brome Bird Care.

All warranty claims must be made by calling Brome Bird Care customer care at 1-800-856-5685. Please complete and return the warranty registration card enclosed with the product or FILL THE REGISTRATION FORM BELOW.

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What about raccoons and similar critters?

The Squirrel Buster Peanut +™ feeder is absolutely squirrel proof, but is not designed to deter raccoons or similar critters that can damage the feeder. Often they will drop the feeder to the ground and roll it around to extract the food. This can be minimized by latching your feeder with a snap hook that is tied to a hook or bracket.

What about bears and other larger animals?

Wild bird food is attractive to a wide variety of wild animals. If there is a problem, take your feeder in at night.

How long before birds come to a new feeder?

It could take several weeks for birds to feel comfortable around a new feeder. Birds have to find the feeder by sight and then make sure that it is safe. They are constantly aware of the threat of predators and will take the time to check out the surroundings. Placing the new feeder near bushes or trees will give the birds natural hiding places. To keep food clean and fresh, only fill about half full, until the activity on your feeder increases.

When should I feed birds?

Any time of year is a good time to feed the birds! Feeding birds during the fall and winter months helps them to survive the cold weather. Nature’s natural food supply is actually at its lowest in the Spring, also making it an important feeding season. During the summer birds are establishing their territory, nesting and raising young. This is a time of high activity for the birds and a steady supply of dry seed is a welcome addition to their diet.