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Bird-watching health benefits

Because our products are truly squirrel proof and backed by our lifetime care, you can genuinely experience and share the wonderful joy of bird feeding. There are scores of scientific studies showing that feeding birds and being close to nature has a most positive impact on our wellbeing. Studies have shown that there is a direct link to lowering your levels of stress, anxiety and depression. It has been proven that bird-watching and nature heals, soothes, restores and connects us. Try our unwinding with the bird’s technique and notice the impact for yourself!

You can provide help and hope for nature — The declining bird population

No doubt about it : human activity can be improved to help our “mother earth.” We each can do our part. Most people do not realize this but over 3 billion birds have been lost in recent years. A Cornell University led study has established that in just the past 50 years more than 1 in 4 birds have disappeared across North America. Scientists say that it is possible to bring the birds back but we must act now. Birders are literally the eyes and ears who contribute to understand what is happening to our feathered friends. We encourage you to join a citizen project such as Project Feeder Watch and help provide valuable information to show scientists where birds are thriving and where they need help.

A healthy food source leads to a healthy bird population. By feeding birds you help them in the winter when food is scarce, you help them in the spring and summer during nesting period, you help them in the fall so that they have the most energy to start their migration. As canaries were iconically used in coal mines to detect danger, birds are nature’s health monitor. The declining bird population is a sign that we must act now and that they need our help.

Helping People

Watching birds and being close to nature not only brings proven health benefits to you, it also is a key to helping people. Start talking about birds and you will be surprised that everyone has a nice thing to say and share. No argument, just simple love, amazement, and interest in what nature is trying to teach us. Let us all share and talk about goodness to one another and to nature that surrounds us. We are indeed all mutually connected by the inseparable bond of nature. Let’s make this connection one of joy, comfort, inner peace and of giving. People can make the world a better place.

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