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Well as much as I’ve enjoyed this winter, I’m ready for spring! Apparently the birds are ready as well because migration has started. If you are thinking about putting up a nesting box, now is the time to do it. My go-to source for nestbox info is which has all the information you need about what birds in your area need boxes and downloadable plans for boxes if you feel like building your own.

Hummer migration has started and a quick google will show you different maps of what has been spotted where. A new app that was previously only available on Android is now a free download in the app store. BirdNET uses your phone’s microphone to ‘listen’ to bird song and then communicates with a supercomputer in Germany that helps identify what species it is. We tried fooling it and weren’t able to.

Dr. Bird has a couple of segments on this show: one answering a question about why a Cooper’s Hawk wouldn’t attack a nearby Cardinal that was singing its heart out and a report on Brome Bird Book about a new process for figuring out what birds eat which will help with conservation efforts for a lot of different species.

Our stories are about new non-harmful techniques to keep predators away from nesting birds and an appeal to USFW to help the Hawaiian Scarlet Honeycreeper that is suffering because of Avian Malaria.

We had so many amazing pictures on Winner’s Circle the judges were totally overwhelmed. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

Have a great week everyone.