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December 2018: Unusual Encounters

The submission deadline is December 18th, 2018. The 3 Winners are announced on December 25th, 2018.

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Title: Time Out
Author: frances

Category: Unusual Encounters
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Description: While out kayaking in our tandem kayak, we'd pulled into the reeds to shelter from the wind for lunch. Suddenly this juvenile yellow-headed blackbird landed in the water not far from our kayak and was struggling to swim. He appeared to slow and I was about to intervene when he seemed to get a second wind and managed to swim the rest of the distance to a nearby beaver lodge. Climbing up, he spent a few minutes preening and drying off. Studying us from the lodge, he then flew into the reeds about 3 feet from us while we were eating. Clinging to the reeds, and watching us for a few moments, he then proceeded to fly straight at us and land on the bow of our kayak. With us sitting very still, he perched on the bow for nearly a half hour and had a little snooze. After resting, he hopped back behind me to visit my husband before flying back into the reeds. This encounter was just so so I will never forget!