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Our biweekly online show is a digest of what is happening in the Avian World. Our site gives you the opportunity to showcase your bird photography and discuss topics important to you. Our resident ornithologist Dr. David Bird will also answer any bird-related questions you have!

Our Monthly Winners!

Plovers & Lapwings

This month’s Photo Contest

October – Ravens & Crows

The submission deadline is October 16th, 2023. The 3 Winners are announced on October 24th, 2023.

No photo has been submitted for the contest. Be the first!

Rules and Prizes

This Contest begins on Tuesday, September 26th.  You may upload 2 photos from Tuesday, September 26th to October 16th.  You may upload a maximum of 2 photos per contest. You must be logged in to upload a photo.  Uploaded photos will appear in the contest gallery once they have been reviewed by Brome Bird News.

Pictures will go LIVE as they get submitted and approved.

Please submit original photos that have not been photoshopped and/or digitally modified. Basic color corrections and cropping are allowed.

Please remember this is NOT a professional photo contest, we do not judge your equipment or your skills but rather how well your photo fits our monthly theme. Winners are invited to be judges on the following contest.

You can copyright your pictures. We will only use the pictures of the Top 5 and Winners to showcase them on the show and our social media, but we will not use them anywhere else without your permission.

The 3 winners will be named on October 24th.

The 1st place winner will not be allowed to participate for the rest of the year. The 2nd and 3rd place winners will not be allowed to participate for  4 following episodes (2 Photo Contests).

Your PRIZE is one of these: