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Happy New Year! With the new year we are going to try some new things with BBN. Right before Christmas we had our first live event and it was a huge success, so there will be more to come! I have a few other things planned for the show that I’ll be introducing along the way. I hope everyone had a safe holiday season!

The past week has brought some crazy weather changes. We had mild weather last week, rain on New Year’s Day, snow the past couple of days and finally temperatures of -25C around -10F which is CHILLY. So this morning I noticed the snow piling up on my feeders and I just wanted to remind you to try and keep snow and ice off. Usually you can just shake it off, but sometimes ice forms inside the feeder so it’s a good idea to bring it inside and let it thaw out properly.

Dr. Bird answers a question about pigeons eating worms and anything else they can get their hands on, and he is also back on Brome Bird Book talking about the new idea that the Hoary, Common and Lesser Redpolls are actually the same bird.

The Endangered Species Act just celebrated its 48th birthday and there are a lot of birds and animals happy to hear that it is doing well!

If you had a live Christmas tree this year and still have it up, don’t put it out by the side of the road just yet. If you have the space for it on your property, they make great habitat for birds and other animals and decompose so quickly they make a great addition to the soil.

We’re looking at another couple of days of chilly weather here so keep warm everyone!

Have a great week!