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The Stories: Hummingbirds Can Smell Danger and The Christmas Bird Count and how you can get involved.

I have A LOT of things I’m excited to share with you this episode. First, on Backyard Feeding, I’ve had some wonderful feedback about the wreaths so I’m going to continue with more edible bird treats, this week it’s edible garland. If you live in an area where Hummingbirds stay for the winter, I came across Danielle Cooper’s image on Twitter that shows how she uses incandescent Christmas lights to keep her nectar from freezing.

Dr. Bird does a follow up on an issue we talked about in 2020: olive harvesting at night with a large vacuum type machine that also sucks up millions of sleeping birds. David also gives a report on how Hummingbirds have a great sense of smell that allows them to avoid flowers that have been poisoned by insects.

With the holidays quickly approaching I thought I’d mention a couple of things on EnviroMinute that could help us reduce waste a little bit – first, if you can, turn off your Christmas lights at night and during the day. Blue LEDs disrupt sleep patterns of humans and birds . Also try to avoid using wrapping paper – we use recycled circulars – simply because most wrapping paper isn’t recyclable and 4.6 million pounds of it ends up in landfills every year in the US alone.

The Christmas Bird Count is from the 14th of December to the 5th of January: here’s a map where you can find your local circle.

Your feedback is really important to me. I love hearing about what works and what doesn’t and I’m looking forward to sharing more of your experiences on the show.

Have a great week everyone.