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This year I decided to make and put up edible (for birds) wreaths. So on Backyard Feeding this episode, Ciaran and I made them together – what a ton of fun that was!

On Ask Dr. Bird, David talks about Enzyme cleaners for bird baths and on Brome Bird Book he tells us about the recent discovery of California Condors being capable of parthenogenesis.

On Around the World, Australia’s Ringo Starr bird – the drumming Palm Cockatoo – has been moved to the endangered list because of habitat loss, and Audubon is suing Alameda County in California because of the mismanagement of a wind energy project that is killing Golden Eagles.

Winner’s Circle was – as usual – filled with amazing and humorous photography.

Have a great week everyone, and if you decide to make wreaths, let me know how they turn out!