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I’ve wanted to put up a nestbox for owls for ages, but never seem to find the time, so this year I made the time. Backyard Feeding this episode is all about how I figured out the who, what and where – visit to find out all about what boxes work in your area and for which birds.

Dr. Bird answers a question about why Great Blue Herons would be seen travelling in flocks and he’s back again on EnviroMinute talking about the impact of the recent California oil spill.

Some interesting stories this week – a new study shows that some birds are staying up to 60 days past their regular migration departure date in England and other parts of Europe. New Zealand has announced the winner of their Bird of the Year award and it’s…a bat! And the city of Guelph, Ontario has taken a great initiative by hiring a local artist to create murals on the windows of the town hall to make them more bird-safe.

Have a great week everyone!